How To Play Frogger

  • You can invite about 10-13 people
  • Get in a circle
  • Ask your mom or dad to help
  • Everybody puts their head down
  • You sing 1 tap frogger 2 taps detective
  • Your parents can tap pepole on the head for the frogger and detective
  • They will say when to open your eyes
  • The frogger will stick its tongue at people and they will pretend to die
  • The detective will try to guess who the frogger is
  • If they guess right, they win. If they do not get it right, they lose.

20 Ideas to Beat Boredom

Here are some ways that I get busy and have fun!

  • read a book
  • make a craft
  • exercise
  • play outside
  • call a friend
  • draw or paint a photo
  • play a game
  • play with your mom or dad
  • paint your finger nails
  • have a sleep over
  • go to a friends house
  • have a play date
  • make a food
  • dance
  • sing
  • clean the house
  • play with a pet
  • bird watching
  • go swimming
  • make your bed

If you have other ideas, leave them in the comments below!